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Product Description

2008 two CD debut album from the Hardcore DJ and producer. Since bursting on the scene a decade ago, he has gone on to achieve great commercial success in the mainstream Dance arena, both as a writer and producer and, more recently, as a vocalist. Skydivin' features new material and all the best of Darren Styles across two discs: the first one with the biggest and best in new and classic Hardcore, the second encompassing the commercial side of Darren's work. As a writer he has been responsible for Ultrabeat's #2 hit 'Pretty Green Eyes' and 'Feelin' Fine' as well as further Top Twenty hits for Kelly Llorenna and Flip amp; Fill. As a performer he has achieved great success with Ultrabeat and he has also just collaborated with N-Force. Having been around since the early to mid-90's, Darren is still the biggest DJ and producer on the Hardcore scene and now making huge in-roads in the commercial sector. UMTV.


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